Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Significant Nothing

I am sitting here in a cafe having my coffee and watching the morning crowd go by, everyone living their life, doing their own thing and as if oblivious to the bigger picture, not knowing that we must be a part of a small and insignificant entity that make up this bigger and significant cosmos . Everyone looks so different from each other. Some appear wealthier than the rest. Others appear to be struggling more than others. Did we choose to be the way we are now? We didn't choose to come to this world. We didn't get to choose our parents. We didn't get to pick our family members and we didn't choose to be born into this country. We certainly didn't get to choose our genes, let alone our social context. There are so many things about us that are just beyond our control and beyond our comprehension. The vastness of this cosmos is a mystery to the human mind and will forever be a mystery. And yet we say that we are in control of our lives. And yet we have the arrogance of claiming that we, as free human beings, are not subjected to anyone or anything. Have we failed to realize that we all have a past. A past that once began from a nothingness. And yet we know that nothing can emerge from nothing. It is an impossibility. But we did emerge from nothing. The cosmos emerged from nothing. But its funny how we still think that we are something. Something significant. Something that must be reckoned with. Something too significant to submit…..        


  1. personal deja vu reading your post ! You will slowly realise majority would not understand what you have written and a greater majority will not realise what you have realised.


  2. Good thought. I personally would like to assume that the people around me have higher self-awareness than I do.

    It is more likely that many (if not most) people have already realized the bigger picture of life, before I eventually stumble upon it; than, that I am a unique individual, amongst very few, with higher self-awareness.

    Yes, a lot of people do appear to be oblivious to the realities of their existence, but I'm sure, if we can get them talking about it, even children are well-versed on this subject.

    Or maybe I'm just too optimistic about humanity's level of self awareness ;)