Friday, February 24, 2012

There is nothing wrong with our shools, just what happens afterwards!

Folks, you really have to check this out...i was completely surprised to see such absurdity coming from our so-called centre of excellence. Even a 12 year old would know better. Why a 12 year old you may ask? keep reading....

Now this first picture is proof that i have indeed referred to a UPSR-level examination paper.

Second image below is question number 17 in that particular UPSR-trial paper, which basically asked students to identify non-renewable energy sources from the list of four energy types provided (natural gas, petroleum, coal and biomass). Its quite clear that the answer is natural gas, petroleum and coal. Biomass is not the answer since it is obviously a renewable energy source. Most 12 years old would get this.

And now, lets see what our very own centre of renewable energy expertise has to say....this is something i got from the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) website (you may check this out:

You see folks, this is what happens when you decide to reject the official language for communicating scientific advancement. You get left far behind that even a 12 year old can see the obvious ignorance.

Conventional coal power plant is one of the dirtiest form of energy generation, but with newer technologies it can be made better. There are clean coal technologies that make coal power plants cleaner, especially with the use of carbon capture and storage. I can accept if we tout coal as a possible clean energy solution. And because we are now very dependent on gas and oil for electricity generation, i can also accept it if we say that coal is an alternative energy source. But to boldly and publicly imply that coal is a renewable energy source is just pure ignorance. We boast to the world about our SCORE initiative, trying to attract investors especially from abroad. And yet we say things like this....aiya, jatuh kemaluan!

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