Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oi, Jeff...Oooi!

The following is an article from today’s TheStar, which only shows the utter bollocks that goes through the retarded-mind of an Islamo-phobic asshole!

Sunday August 2, 2009
Ooi wants JIM-linked Razali out

GEORGE TOWN: Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi is continuing his verbal war with Penang PKR municipal councillor Mohd Razali Abdullah, saying the council should not allow a “religious extremist” in its administration.

Ooi, who is Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s chief of staff, said the state was setting a dangerous precedent by allowing an alleged extremist religious activist to infiltrate the local government system.

“Razali has confirmed that he is a Jemaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) member,” he said, adding he would call on Lim and state DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow to handle the matter.

Ooi, who is a member of the DAP central executive committee, printed out literature from JIM’s portal at which stated that the organisation’s mission statement was to develop Malaysia into a country which fully adopted Syariah law by 2020.

“How can the Penang people accept someone who prioritises Syariah law ahead of the Pakatan Rakyat state and the people?” he said at a press conference yesterday.

“We are transparent. Before my public outburst, I had raised the matter internally with Penang PKR chairman Datuk Zahrain Mohd Hashim and the state government about two PKR councillors including one who is constantly absent. But there were no answers,” he said.

Zahrain, when contacted, said he would address the issue at the next state Pakatan meeting scheduled for Monday in Lim’s office at Komtar.

Oi, Jeff Ooi what da hell is wrong with you?! Can’t you think straight for once...please, help me understand here...what is wrong with wanting to establish Syariah Laws by 2020? Everyone will have their own personal views for just about everything. If this Razali fellow personally believes that Syariah Laws is the way to go for the future, then what is wrong with him associating himself with JIM? It is only wrong if/when he tries to force people to see and accept his views. Only then he is a religious extremist! There is nothing wrong with what he has done so far. Do you mean to say that if i were to believe in something associated with religion which happens to be against what you believe, then i am a religious extremist?! Following the same logic, then you are an extremist. Simply because you are against establishing Syariah Laws. I dont know which religion you profess in, or if you believe in God at all, but following your same line of thoughts, having a different set of believes would make you a religious extremist. What a fucked-up logic.

Secondly, since when are you open to comment publicly on such sensitive topics?! Hey, don’t get me wrong, i have no qualms over public discussions on topics relating to religion, beliefs and other potentially sensitive subjects. But it is amazing that you apply such double standards. When a Malay dude in Penang casually said that the Chinese WERE immigrants, you made so much noise saying that it is an insensitive comment which should not have been uttered in a multiracial country. An now you say this publicly? For your info, many Muslims believe that an Islamic country should be based on the Syariah laws. I don’t know enough about the laws of Islam, and i have not fully understood the Quran to form a conclusive view on this topic, but i do feel that people are entitled to believe in what they want to believe in. And most importantly, no one should be penalized for having such beliefs (as long as they dont go breaking the Laws)! If you think that i am an asshole, then whatever mate, i just couldn’t care less. Life goes on. Even if my father is the Prime Minister, i won’t ask him to penalize you. So live with it mate. You will always find people having views against yours, and that will never make them an extremist. But you acting all foolishly because someone don’t share your views, that is extremism.... nate bengong mu nih!

Thirdly, what could possibly be so wrong with being a part of JIM? Really, if it is an organisation for religious extremists, then do you honestly think that our legal and enforcement system is so screwed up to allow such thing to go unnoticed. We live in Malaysia for heaven sake…we come up with fatwas on everything, and we have the ISA being used freely on everyone…so, seriously, we could not be any stricter in monitoring religious NGOs….if there is something wrong with JIM, then the JAIS/JAWI/JAetc would have been all over it….

Fourthly, you said:

“We are transparent. Before my public outburst, I had raised the matter internally with Penang PKR chairman Datuk Zahrain Mohd Hashim and the state government about two PKR councillors including one who is constantly absent. But there were no answers,”

You, being holier-than-thou with a know-it-all attitude, think that this Razali fellow should be stripped from his position simply because he is part of JIM and believes that the Syariah Laws should be the laws governing the country, and you have done all that is within your power to make sure he is penalized, then why the fuck are you all numb and dumb and quiet about the Pakatan Rakyat, which has PAS as one of its components…owh, I forgot, you can’t say anything…it will be a political suicide for you… what a hypocrite! Typical, fight for the limelight, silence over what really matters!

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  1. Mac,

    Many politicians when they speak of their rights, forget other people's rights. When they speak of freedom of faith, they unwittingly practice discrimination in the name of religion. Anyway, your article puts the message across well.