Saturday, August 1, 2009


I am very happy to see the many things happening in Malaysia ever since Najib took the seat. Many initiatives were devised to hopefully improve the economic and social well-being of the country and the rakyat. The 1Malaysia concept is good. Stop criticizing it folks, it is a concept developed with only the best intentions in mind and heart for the people of Malaysia. Hopefully someday we will be a true nation, not merely existing as a country. It wishes to see fellow Malaysians being united under the same umbrella, all striving towards excellence, moving the country forward, pushing through obstacles, jumping over hurdles through loops of fires into a developed nation, without intentionally or unintentionally allowing any sectors of the rakyat being left behind, be it by race, religion or geographical locations. It benefits both, the haves and the have nots, and it does not discriminate between the politically-connected and those without any connections. It is for you and for me to enjoy.

Now that we have this wonderful concept briefly outlined, I could not help but wonder:

1. What is the baseline scenario, i.e have we agreed where we stand now? I have heard arguments that we ARE multiracial and we DO live together in harmony. So where are we, people? Where are we starting from?

2. Where are we heading to? Is there a target we all aspire to achieve? To be honest, I do feel that the 1Malaysia concept was announced without much deliberation and description of what we hope to be and….(continue in point 3 below)

3. …by when? Timescale people… if it is not time-bound, then it will never be achieved. But of course, it has to be reasonable too.

4. What are we doing to get there? What specific steps are we taking to get to where we want to be? Any implementation strategy? Who is responsible, and who is accountable for making sure of this ? And don’t tell me everyone is responsible, because it will not work…I have heard that far too many times before, and trust me, it has never worked in the past and it will never work in the future!

5. How do we know if/when we are there? What will be used as the yardstick? A target without any defined way of measuring “national unity” is as good as not having any targets at all. We need a clearly defined methodology.

My view is, without the above, the idea of 1Malaysia will be just that, a concocted “concept”. A make-believe idea for political gains. I hope it is not the case here. I may sound very pessimistic, but I do believe in the concept, and I sooooo want it to work. I just hope that all politicians will want it to work more than I do, so that at least I can be rest assured that someday we will get there (wherever that is)! I have heard far too many talks, but seen much less effective actions. Be different Najib!


  1. Hi Mac,
    Read your post from OutsydetheBox.

    Here is a proposed measurement: -

    When the number of more Malaysian's buy more Malaysian made goods i.e; they trust their fellow Malaysian's to make cars, shirts or handphones over foreign made goods.

    Hey maybe here is another one, when the racial composition of the police and army are more in line with the racial composition of M'sia.

    Come to think of it, here is the mother of 1 Malaysia KPI, when we have only One School for all of MAlaysian children.

    Believe these are all measurable.
    Hope the powers that be have programs and schedules if they think this is a good idea.

    Anyway, thanks for reading.


  2. Kiryu, many thanks for your comment.
    Before i reply to your comments, let me say that i dont have the answers to this, and i dont know if there is a right or wrong, or if there is an answer at all.
    But my gut feeling says that, buying Malaysian made goods do not say much about unity. it probably indicates that Malaysians are beginning to have more faith in our products and our industry, or simply because it is way cheaper. Having a balanced racial composition in the armed and police forces do not explain the relationship between the races. It probably could be one of the KPIs, but i dont know if it would be good enough to measure the amount of unity we have amongst the different races. The difficulty is in trying to differentiate between a true national unity and a cordial relationship between the races. It is not about should not be about how well one race tolerates the other. It is about how we embrace each other, value the differences and appreciate with the greatest pleasure the presences of other races, despite being different from us.

    How do we measure that?

    Having a One School system would not provide measurement of such, but would definitely help move us towards achieving unity!