Friday, February 13, 2009

This Is No Doggy Joke!

I will start off by saying that I don’t know enough about the Quran to comment on Islamic matters with the greatest certainty. I will also say that I was never the religious expert back at school or even now. In fact, I have always been the least knowledgeable when it pertains to Islamic rules and regulations. However, very often it baffles me when I see people, whom more often than not are Malays unfortunately, adore cats and despise dogs and pigs. It is absolutely puzzling. Was it ever mentioned in the Quran that dogs and pigs are despicable, low life animals? Please do enlighten me with the requisite knowledge that I must obviously lack. My rational, but lately very slow to function, mind seems to think that ALL animals are God’s perfect creation, dogs and pigs alike. But why do we hate these innocent animals so much? How can you stone a dog and call yourself a Muslim. Islam does not promote hatred…Islam does not promote animal cruelty…and Islam, if anything, is a religion based on love and kindness, not just towards fellow human beings, but to ALL living beings. And the last time I check, dogs and pigs are still living beings. You don’t have to touch it to not hate it. You don’t have to eat it to show respect. Yes, respect animals- these are emotional living creatures too. And above all, these are God’s creation!

Anyway do read more of this on the following sites:
This barbarity must cease!


  1. Faisal,

    Dog hatred among the "muslims" in general is but yet another example of how Islam according to the Quran has never been fully understood by the Muslims. Hence much behaviour that passes off as "muslim" behaviour are actually cultural heritage founded on the misconception that it is "Islamic".

    If the Muslim read the Quran, he will see clearly that in surah Al-Khaf (18, Allah relates the story of a few righteous young people who are sleeping in the Cave - the cave is being guarded by dog.

    Likewise, you will find that the Quran says we can eat the food that is caught by our hunting dogs. No where in the Quran says anything about the dog being najis, etc. Common sense will tell us that what we excrete from our bottom is najis too!


  2. Uncle Jay,

    I fully agree that the Quran says nothing about dogs being haram(as far as i am aware). However there are many Hadith out there giving examples and reasons why it is, and also why it isnt. Many school of thoughts exists on this subject, but nonetheless the point i am trying to send across is that, no matter which school you belong to, or which set of beliefs you hold on to, in no way any of it advocates animal cruelty.

    But the barbarity we see is a consequent of our Islamic education system, where we are told the do's and the dont's, without knowing the why's. Many times we are told of things like it is a fact and are asked to accept it without questioning. We are not taught about what the Quran says, but we are bombarded with the do's and dont's as if it is a fact extracted from the Quran. But this is a different topic for a different article.

    Keeps the comments coming!


  3. emm ... aku x le baca hadith banyak sgt utk fully comment tapi setahu aku ada 2 hadith yg cakap pasal anjing.
    1. Ada org tanya rasullah boleh ke dia guna pinggan yg anjing dia guna. And rasulluh cakap, boleh lepas basuh ngn air tanah + air bersih. This hadith yg digunakan utk para ulamak utk ijtihad yg apa2 pasal pig pun kena samak sebab pig n anjing diorang iktiraf sama jenis najis. Anyway .. kadang2 pikir gak. mase zaman rasulluah kan x de sabun .. so maybe tu le pasal rasullulah suruh guna air tanah..
    2. pasal bela anjing .. kalau boleh dielakkan kecuali untuk berburu or keselamatan.
    Jadi aku rasa ... x elok bela anjing bukan pasal discrimation tapi maybe ada benda yg x elok yg mungkin berlaku.. macam anjing .. kalau kena gigit anjing .. bahaya pada kesihatan.

    aku rasa setiap pengharaman yg ada dlm quran for our own good .. but does not mean we can be cruel to the other party. n x de dlm quran cakap kita x leh sentuh binatang tu. Pig pun kita x leh makan.. bukan x leh sentuh.