Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why Fear the Appointment of DS Shafee ?

Many seem to think that the appointment of DS Shafee by the AG to lead the prosecution team for the appeal is an indication that the AG and the entire judiciary system are corrupt. I beg to differ. On the contrary, I think the appointment of DS Shafee clearly signifies that the AG and the judiciary are clean. If the judiciary system in Malaysia is tempered with, then why would the AG outsource the job of leading the prosecution team ? Surely a corrupt judiciary system would produce the desired outcome regardless of who leads the prosecution team ?!! Wouldn't it be easier to get the job done without attracting so much controversy in the first place? Ok fine, let’s assume that DS Shafee is corrupt and has a personal vendetta against DS Anwar. So what ? What can or will he do differently ? He still has to play by the rules in the court of law, and this will be made sure by the panel judges. If you think that the panel judges are corrupt, then shouldn't you also be protesting against the judges ? Funny, there is no protest against the panel judges, and so it can only mean that the defense team is happy with the panel, and so why fear DS Shafee ? At most he would go all out to win the case. But isn’t that the goal of the AG anyhow, to win the prosecution against DS Anwar ? Even if some other person is appointed for the role, surely that person would also go all out to win the argument through the rule of law. Because if he doesn't, isn’t that a corrupt prosecutor ? Surely you don't expect the AG to appoint someone to lose the case, because that would be a sign of a corrupt AG. So why the fear ?

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