Monday, June 13, 2011

OWC - Enabler for a high income nation. Stop Whining People!

Whiners are loser. The Obedient Wives Club (OWC) is not all bad. People sometimes complain without knowing the finer details. You see, the OWC was actually introduced as an effort to boost the country’s economic standing. So open your hearts and minds my friends for I am about to share with you an important discovery.

You see…when Pemandu first came up with the Economic Transformation Plan (ETP), they identified 12 national key economic areas (NKEAs) that can have material contribution to the country’s economy. These 12 areas are the focus areas that will help transform the country into a high-income nation by 2015. But unfortunately, Pemandu has actually missed out on another key economic sector….an economic activity that has been in existence for the longest time known to mankind…. Prostitution…the trade of human flesh.

To make up for the lost of time, the OWC has been entrusted with the responsibility to train more women to be first class expert in engineering bedtime fun for men. The OWC will mass produce word-class talents with skills necessary to compete globally. And I have not the slightest doubt that with the determination and support of OWC, we will produce first class prostitutes. Indeed, we are already looking to expand into Singapore, so buckle up fellow Malaysian, or we may lose out to our kiasu neighbor. We need to make sure that there will be a high demand for our domestic goods!

Some of you may be having doubts right about now. Well keep reading for your benefits. You will need to be prepared for what is coming our way.

Malaysia has had a number of good and perhaps less good finance ministers. Let’s face facts. Of all these finance ministers, there is one that stands out. One that has been heralded by many for his extraordinary competencies. One that has led Malaysia through the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. Yes, that's him my friend. We are talking about the one and only brader Anwar. Brader Anwar is known for his foresight ability. A prophetic ability that has allowed us to outsmart the IMF and to outcompete other developing economies. So for once my fellow friends, let’s just put our differences aside and take heed of his expert opinion on this.

...and what has he said so far, I hear you ask?

Come on, think people…think …remember China Dolls? You see…he has indeed shown us the way…China dolls is the way of the future. He sacrificed his political career, his family, all just to show us the way into the future. China dolls will be the next trading currency. He had long foreseen the slowing down of the US currency, and he knows that the Euro-zone debt is no where close to being resolved. So we can’t rely on the USD…we can’t rely on Euros…and the Dinar emas hasn't really taken off…so we need, desperately if I may add, a new currency…and seeing that China has been heralded as the next economic super power, it only makes sense to use China dolls. Smart eh?! And you people say that the poor brader Anwar is only into it for the kinky-fun. Shame on you!

But you know… Malaysians are really a bunch of smart people…think about it... even the Chinese don't realize it yet. We Malaysians are so advanced that we have not only recognized the importance of human-flesh trade as a key economic activity, we have also established a new and legal training institution to provide the necessary education to up-skill our women in preparation for the imminent economic revolution. In fact, I believe we are soooo very well planned that this will tie in very well with the halal-industry idea that was started not too long ago. The one and only first-class halal Malaysia-dolls! Bravo Malaysia!

We saw a gap in the global economy, and we have taken a very bold step to be in the forerunner. We are creating a new market space and making competition irrelevant. Harvard strategists will call this a blue-ocean strategy indeed. And with this Mr Prime Minister, you have my confidence that we are on track towards achieving a high income nation by 2015. Brilliant!

p.s. No malice or offence intended. The above writing is not true. This is purely satirical.

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  1. ha ha.....otherwise I would have to defend you ! Good writeup!!