Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saiful, si budak baik yang menurut kata orang tua

The following is my first impression when i read the online news (thestar online) on the "Saiful vs Anwar" case. I have not had much time to think about it, so i am just writing it as i go along....but hey, this is my FIRST impression, though i am sure many people would share the same.
Saiful was asked to go into the bedroom, undress and clean himself up before being preyed onto by Anwar like a lion preying on a deer….and he obeyed without putting up a fight at all….. Bagus budak 22 tahun nih…mendengar cakap orang tua…

In ONE SHORT hour (between 3 to 4 pm) the following happened:
- Saiful arrived at condo
- Had a quick chat with Anwar and Anwar had to sign some documents
- Anwar made an indecent proposal and saiful said no
- Saiful was asked to go into the master bedroom which he did (budak baik!)
- Anwar came in, locked the door, closed the curtains and asked saiful to clean himself up in the bathroom
- Saiful went into the bathroom, undressed, cleaned-up and CAME OUT CLAD IN A TOWEL(why?)- budak baik!
- Whilst he was doing that Anwar undressed and put a towel on.
- So then came Saiful, and Anwar started hugging and kissing him (i.e. foreplay) and he didn't resist at all- budak baik!
- Anwar then released the monster from his towel and banged Saiful who didn't put up a fight. In order for Anwar to do so, Saiful had to bend over, or it would have been anatomically challenging- budak baik!
- After several ins and outs, Anwar had premature ejaculation (orang tua, so pancut awal…)- this is an assumption since he had to get it all done within 1 hour.
- Then after it was all done, Saiful dressed up (assuming that he didn't wash up and liked the feeling of wetness up his ass) and left the condo.

All of that in ONE hour! Kuru kuru….

Okay…all of those happened on the 26th…and on the 28th, he went to make a police report and did a medical check. For someone who does not indulge in rare (i.e. rear) activities, I would assume that he would have bled like hell.. So for slightly over a day, he kepit punggung, tak basuh Anwar’s semen and tak berak in order to not lose Anwar’s DNA…because forensics apparently found semen evidences up his asshole. I guess maybe even after basuh there were bits and pieces that were stuck in between crevices….well, being a chemist I think this is possible

Next…he decided to resign…where he gave Anwar 2 reasons:
1) Saiful is not disciplined, always come to work late and so kena marah..
2) He was given special treatment though he was less qualified…
But he continued to say that the real reason is because punggung tak suka kena cucuk…

The above may seem like I doubt whether the event actually took place or not. Well, honestly I do have my doubts. But I am not entirely certain that it did not happen either. I feel that a leopard by genes, will not change its spots…he can hide it, but eventually it will re-appear if not get caught off-guard. So, if Anwar were to actually swing that way, then I would expect that he would find opportunities to fulfill his innermost desires. I don't know the full truth. I wish I do. But I don't think there is a way to find out as long as we live in a world controlled by vested interest politicians.

By the way…I don't vote and I have never voted…so don't call me a supporter of Anwar or any other political parties. I hope to vote the next time…but until the time comes, I still have time to think, evaluate and decide!

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