Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nazri says Dr M is a racist...and calls himself a hypocrite!

The Selangor state government, under Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, claims that the BTN course is a political machine used by UMNO to brainwash/indoctrinate the people. Not having gone for any BTN courses myself, I am in no position to comment with the greatest certainty, but I can say that I am not surprised. Well actually, I am surprised that it has taken so long for this to be brought to light.

The cabinet has approved for the course to be revamped. Good news for some, but not all. Tun Mahathir says that it is not necessary because the allegations were mere exaggerations. Nazri then slammed Tun Mahathir saying that he is a racist for defending the current BTN syllabuses as it only promotes the so-called “Ketuanan Melayu” and is not in line with the 1Malaysia spirit. Hhhmmm…kuru…kuru… Nazri is indirectly saying that the BTN course is indeed racially inclined. Aiyooo, membuka pekung di dada BN ka bro?

What I could not understand is, if Nazri strongly feels that way, then why has it taken so long for him to voice this out? The BTN syllabuses have been there for ages… but he is only voicing his discontent when the PM has introduced the 1Malaysia concept.? So selama ni (pre-1Malaysia) racism is accepted as part of the BN culture? Takkan nak jump into the 1Malaysia boat to bodek boss? Selama ni tak boleh fikir ka bro? Takkan kena tunggu boss to show the way baru nak guna otak… alamak, kacau la lu bro…

Okayla, maybe time Tun dulu si Nazri ni takut nak kecoh-kecoh….ye la apparently Tun ni kan dictator.. but to think about it, time Pak Lah takkan takut gak kot ? Takut Pak Lah terlena ka bro?

Okayla, in the spirit of “giving Nazri the benefit of the doubt”…yela, kita Islam kenala bersangka baik kan… so now let’s just ASSUME that Nazri did voice it out… he opposed very strongly to the BTN syllabuses… I wonder why it never received any news coverage? Aiyooo…so now you are saying that the press deliberately kept you out? So there is no freedom of press? All the papers only report what they are told to report? No transparency? Newspapers are political machines of BN? So BN controls the news in Malaysia so that the rakyat can be kept in the dark, like a katak bawah tempurung?

Nazri, you seriously need to clarify what you meant by calling Dr M a racist for opposing the revamp of the BTN course… from a superficial level it seems like you are a good natured person fighting for a just Malaysia. But for the thinking person, you bring shame to yourself and the party. It says a lot about your integrity, or lack thereof. Do not be fooled, the rakyat are thinking people too! You say things that YOU THINK the rakyat wants to hear but in reality only make a fool of yourself.
Stop hijacking/politicizing/sloganeering/manipulating/commercializing the 1Malaysia concept…it does not have a clear direction as yet…but everyone is jumping on-board and trying to navigate it as we go along..in the end we are not going anywhere…but it seems like the whole 1Malaysia ship may even sink!

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