Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Joy of Multi Flavoured Ice Creams

Everybody likes ice cream. I like ice cream. In fact, I know of no one who dislikes ice creams. We have chocolate ice creams, vanilla ice creams, strawberry ice creams and many other interesting flavors, durian included. Some people prefer eating chocolate ice creams whilst others prefer vanilla ice creams. For me, I prefer ice creams with mixed flavors, in particular a mix of chocolate and vanilla. I don’t know why, perhaps because you get to taste both. Perhaps it looks better. Or perhaps, because it just taste better. But even if you were to mix two scoops of different flavored ice creams in a single bowl, u can easily tell them apart. If you were to mix chocolate and vanilla, you can tell them apart by their distinct colours. Moreover, if you were to let them melt, naturally one would melt faster than the other (usually vanilla melts faster). But once melted and homogenously mixed, both of the ice creams lose their original chocolate and vanilla identity. You can no longer tell them apart. They taste different and they look different. They are neither chocolates nor vanilla. They are just eerr….molten ice creams. Do we still like it? Some say yes. Will we still buy one if it were pre-blended beforehand ? Maybe. Or do we still prefer to have individual scoops of different flavored ice creams so that we can experience the different taste and richness it has to offer ?

So should Malaysia be a bowl with many individual ice cream scoops or a single scoop of homogenously mixed ice cream flavors?

Haagen Dazs anyone?


  1. the Gardens got the Chili Chocolate icecream...i tried but...entah la...confused. Cuba hang try plaks - shasha

  2. Sya..
    thats a weird combination.
    When i was in Hamburg, i remember trying this chocolate with a mango+chili flavour. It was horrendous! heheheh. some things are best eaten on its own.

  3. Emm .. if let say, bile beli ice cream, ko akan dapat 2 choice of flavor and it come in 2 tub. You can choose to mix it in both tub or 1 flavor tub 1 and one flavor tub 2. Which one ko prefer? Adakah pening soalan aku?

  4. Melloyz...hhmm...i think i prefer to have both flavours in one tub, but as separate scoops...then baru dapat taste both, and also mix it if you choose to...nyakhahah...

  5. Wah soalan ni macam ada maksud tersirat je, ke Kak Im? :D - Sha